Life Skills 3


Provide opportunities to have a meaningful day in settings that are age and culturally appropriate. 

Overview Life Skills Development – Level 3 (ADT) for adults are training services intended to support the participation of recipients in valued routines of the community. Adult day training services can include meaningful day activities and training in the activities of daily living, adaptive, and social skills. The training, activities, and routine established by the ADT shall be meaningful to the recipient and provide an appropriate level of variation and interest. 

These services are typically offered five days per week, from six to eight hours per day. A minimum of four hours must include training and program activities. The service expectation is to achieve individually determined goals and support participation in less restrictive settings. This training shall be provided in accordance with a formal implementation plan, developed under the direction of the recipient, reflecting goal(s) from the recipient’s current support plan. Whenever possible, services should be offered in community integrated setting


Accessing community
Choice and rights education 
and crafts
Social skill development 

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