These beliefs are the guiding principals

Developmental Service Trainers, Inc. of Ocala

Developmental Service Trainers, Inc. (DST), supports
individuals who live in the community with a
developmental disability.

About Developmental Service Trainers

People with disabilities have the same rights as all other people but
may need support to exercise those rights. Developmental Service
Trainers Inc. (DST), supports individuals who live in the community
with a developmental disability.

Our philosophy is rooted in the 5 "E" 's  






These beliefs are the guiding principles we follow for a safe and healthy learning experience.

DST understands and commits to educating individuals on Personal Health and Self Safety. These are cornerstones for the long term success of your supports and services.

One of our missions here at DST, is to recognize and educate through our daily interactions, opportunities to provide teachable moments. DST strives to provide; greater self advocacy, a stronger self awareness, knowledge of rights and choices, responsibility, accountability, as well as social inclusion


Supported Living

These coaching services help individuals live independently through training and assistance.

Life Skills 1 (Companion)

Life Skills 1 development consists of activities, care, and socialization related to the specific goals of the recipient per their support plan.

Life Skills 3 (Adult Day Training)

Adult Day Training services provide recipients with training, activities, and routine while achieving the individuals’ set goals.

Life Skills 4 (Prevocational Services)

Training services intended to support the participation of the recipient’s prevocational services

Personal Supports

Personal Supports service offers assistance with daily living tasks such as eating, dressing, and even household chores.


Transportation services are offered to give recipients a ride to and from their homes and the Adult Day Training program.


Respite care services are available for recipients under the age of 21 when their primary caregiver is unable to perform their regular duties.


Listed here on our website you will find events that DST offers. You can also follow us on Facebook for information and events!
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Contact us on how we can help

The first step in our process is to determine where an individual is in the system and what are their specific needs and desires. Contact us by phone, email, or the contact us form on our website and we’ll get in touch with you to assess your situation and goals and point you in the right direction.

Apply for state funding

We know it can be a daunting task to apply for state funding, figure out what funding you qualify for and navigate the system in general. During this process, we’re here to help you figure it out. We’ll determine if you’ve already applied for funding, or help you assess your other financial options such as grants or private pay.

Create custom outline for how we can help

Our last step is to meet with the recipient of the care and sit down to create what we call a “person-centered plan.” This plan puts the individual first and allows us to determine the best services, hours per week, peers and volunteers to pair with, and logistics such as transportation for optimal care.


“If they are already a person being served by the HCBS wavier or CDC (these are funding sources) then they would need to contact their support coordinator and/or schedule a meeting with us.

If they are not a part of the waver or cdc we do accept private pay for our services and in which case it is just a meeting or initial interview to see if we feel we are a right fit for each other. “

Get Involved

Do you have a skill, hobby, or passion you’d like to share with please contact us and let us help you turn your hobby into a class for those we serve?

DST Radio Station

Programing for this radio station is put
together by DST staff and members